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Financial Assistance Criteria

  1. Must be a Lexington County Resident

  2. Must have a current crisis that has led you to be unable to pay your current financial obligations

  3. Must have a stable and consistent income that will allow you to cover all necessary expenses moving forward


Documentation Requirements for Financial Assistance

  • South Carolina Identification for each adult in the household

  • SCID must match the current address OR proof of change updated with the Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Social security cards for ALL in the household, including adults and children

  • Proof of crisis

  • Proof of income: award letter for social security, pay stubs, a letter from employer

  • Copy of past due bill (utilities)

  • If rental assistance is requested will need a letter from the landlord confirming the below details


The letter from the landlord must contain:

  • Landlord’s contact information including address, phone number, and email address (if applicable)

  • Client’s name and address of the rental property

  • Detailed ledger to include the monthly rent amount, the total amount due, and fees or additional charges with the current balance

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