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Student Enrichment

We believe in instilling the values of kindness, empathy, and philanthropy in children and students of all ages. When a child or young adult understands that THEY can make a difference for others in their community, no matter how old they are, we are creating a culture of compassion for others that will last a lifetime.

Student Enrichment Programs

Friends in Deed

This is a program for students to earn service hours by donating items to Mission Lexington. Participants simply shop for items on our list and drop them off at our Donation Center with the completed forms. This is a great way for our students to make a donation to our Food Pantry to help keep our shelves filled with needed items for our neighbors.

Books with a Mission

This is a program that allows us to connect to Lexington County School Districts 1-5. We believe it's important to encourage the spark of imagination that leads our youth to think about how they can make a difference in our community, state, country and even world. Once you sign up for this program, we will schedule a visit to your classroom and bring books for each student.

Each student will receive ONE FREE book.

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Undercover Buddies

formerly known as Socktober

This mission provides an opportunity for our younger friends to discover the value of volunteering. Our special agents are tasked with shopping for new undergarments to help those in need. Should you choose to accept this mission, your investigation will lead you to discover the best deal on pre-packed undergarments and break items down into smaller packages for our store.


Interested in signing up for a mission? Contact Neely Spate, Director of Volunteer Services, at

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Undercover Buddies


In October, Mission Lexington and Henry the Hedgehog want your help to prove that even the smallest acts of love, like donating socks and underwear, can make a big difference in the lives of our neighbors. Donate packaged underwear or socks of any size during the month of October to give to someone in our community. ​


Holiday Needs

Helping our neighbors in need this holiday season through:


Project Pet

Why is pet food important? People who are hungry and get food from Mission Lexington don't need to give that food to their pets, so we give the pets food, too! Pets keep people healthier and happier by keeping them company.

Middle & High School Learning

Are you a middle or high school teacher looking to include learning in your classroom? Mission Lexington is happy to visit your class or school and perform a poverty simulation. During the demonstration, we discuss Mission Lexington, why we exist, and how we help families and individuals in our community in crisis. Then give them real-world situations to navigate through by using play money to pay bills. We then allow students to brainstorm ways that they feel they can help our ministry.

For more information, email


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Henry's Helpers

Looking for ways for your children to serve during the summer? Participate in our Henry's Helpers Program! Our goal is to engage school-aged children in the growth of Mission Lexington so that they can be ambassadors within their own communities. 

By giving them a mission, we can guide them as they learn to volunteer and

support others.

For more information, email

Volunteering & Special Projects

We believe that students can benefit from volunteering free time in their community. Other ways for students to give back include hosting drives for needed items at Mission Lexington, as well as collecting monetary donations through car washes, bake sales, lemonade stands, and more.

We welcome your class, sports team, or youth group to come and help with a special project at Mission Lexington.

*Please note that individual students (not in a group) must commit to a minimum of ten hours of volunteer time to be eligible to volunteer on a regular basis.

To sign up as a volunteer, please complete our volunteer application. For special accommodations for a group, please email Neely Spate, Director of Volunteer Services, at

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